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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

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IOTA Data Marketplace Presentation 12/12/17 Chicago

When building a cryptocurrency from scratch, you first need a solid foundation. From this foundation, the currency can grow and self-correct as it develops.

Will Microsoft / Bosh team up "Tangle" backbone after IOTA's most comprehensive pilot study thus far?

When it comes to Cryptocurrency, mass volume monetary players will search for three things that can enable them to overwhelm customary rivals in their markets: 

| Liquidity 
Liquidity gives less room for error and easy adoption in a globalized economy which thus advances quick selection and incentive for the system. 

| Stability 
Any currency needs to be stable in order to be used as a trusted medium of exchange. The more that prices rise and fall, the more ordinary people will shy away from using the coins for everyday transactions.

Whether they hoard the coins in the hope that prices will rise sharply soon, or they avoid using them altogether for fear that they will lose all of their value, people are not yet accustomed to seeing cryptocurrency as real money.Stability gives pathways to ways out and passage from fiats, and takes into consideration extensive volume clump exchanges to move rapidly and straightforwardly around the globe.  

| Scalability 

In the crypto-community world it is known [in general] now that for solving scaling issues, a combination of off-chain and on-chain solutions are required to have success. The bitcoin scalability problem exists because of the limits of the maximum amount of transactions the bitcoin network can process. It is a consequence of the fact that blocks in the blockchain are limited to one megabyte in size. A block chain is "a single threaded process", if you want more performance/scalability the only thing you can do is add more processing power per node, which raises the barrier to entry and reduces the number of nodes doing the actual processing (centralization).

Meetup 13 December, be sure to tune into the presentation:


IOTA Data Marketplace Presentation 12/12/17 Chicago



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