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Monday, December 11, 2017

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Deutsche Bank confirms that IOTA solves the main blockchain problems

Today's price will seem a bargain soon. Great time to buy.

1) Brand-new wallet coming soon, made by UCL/University of London. See preview Here:
2) Coordinator will be open-source
3) "Q" project, one of the biggest things to occur to the IOTA project and the cryptoverse itself

4) Oracle/Smart Contracts are coming
5) More exchange listing (we aren't even at Bittrex, Poloniex, Bitstamp, etc yet. Only Bitfinex, Binance and Coinone)
6) Data marketplace, the shaking news that boomed us last days, where you will be able to buy/sell data from/to any sensor in the world!
7) Even more partnerships with companies that will fasten and secure the Tangle for us users
8) We are THE non-blockchain alternative to 99% blockchain-based coins. The more the Tangle proves itself as a disrupting technology, the more adopters and organic growth we will get. Look at the Dominik Schiener (co-founder) appearance in a German TV:

9) Awesome personal projects being developed by independent programmers from the community, like CarrIOTA, your personal finance manager. See Here
10) A great amount of institutional money from traditional markets/funds will be invested in cryptocurrencies

As Bitcoin smashes through the 15,000 US dollar mark, Deutsche Bank Wealth Management examines the risks of investing in so-called cryptocurrencies and whether they could replace traditional money.

In the latest CIO Insights Reflections, the Chief Investment Office argues that cryptocurrencies remain a risky investment, given that recent price rises have been due to speculation as well as imbalances between supply and demand. Greater regulation and security may be necessary to establish cryptocurrencies as a viable asset class in future.

If cryptocurrencies are to replace money, then they have to fulfil money’s three core functions: as medium of exchange, a measure of value and a store of value. To do this, cryptocurrencies must be more trusted. Problems here include high volatility and possible price manipulation as well as data loss or data theft.

For further details on Bitcoin and the underlying blockchain technology it relies on, read the CIO Insights Reflections: cryptocurrencies and blockchains – their importance to the future.


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